I will be traveling to England at the end of the month and was hoping I could put a call out for some local knowledge (if there’s anyone still left reading this oft-neglected blog of mine…)

Any tips for hiring a bike?

Any good roads to ride or things to see in Yorkshire?

My inquiring mind would love to know!


This past year hit me with some major upheavals in my life and to be honest, I don’t have much room left for motorcycling. I still ride almost every day to work, but I haven’t ridden for fun in months.

I intend to keep this site running in the event that I get my mojo back, however long that takes.

I appreciate all of you who’ve checked in with me over the past couple of months, and I apologize for going dark so completely. I’m fine, but still finding my way back.

Take care, and happy riding to you all,


Out of the loop? Do a search for “Bobby Petrino motorcycle accident”.